Steane Klose | Oct 27, 2008

With the jury still out, SBS has just flicked the switch on Top Gear Australia - Episode 5. Tonight, the boys give the Audi R8 a run for its money. Charlie says "it looks like a nuclear powered supercar but it's really practical". The script writers clearly have a little work to do, as I'm not sure anyone knows what a nuclear powered supercar looks like. Aircraft carrier, yes, supercar no... they haven't built one yet.

This week's challenge sounds familiar, with the Top Gear boys entering Hamilton Island's prestigious Audi Race Week. Their entry is an Audi that they have set about converting into a 'Nauticar' - they've called it the Audi H2O. Looking eerily like a remake of Clarkson's channel crossing in an outboard motor equipped HiLux, will it be a winner, or an also ran?

It's only recently made the headlines in Melbourne, and tonight is the night we get to watch Warren and Steve take a tractor to the streets of Toorak in Melbourne, in the ultimate parody of the 'Toorak Tractor'.

Steve gets behind the wheel of the BMW 135 Coupé and Shannon Noll is the "Celebrity in a Bog Standard Car."

When the dust settles, drop in and let us know what you think.

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