Tony O'Kane | Oct 17, 2008

The Cadillac brand was officially launched back into the Australian market this week after a 70 year hiatus, meaning that Aussie motorists will soon be able to lay their hands on Caddy's attractive 'n angular CTS luxury sports sedan.

The CTS will go on sale here in early 2009, however performance enthusiasts with a taste for bling may want to hold off for a few months - the even more stunning CTS Coupe (which was previewed at the Sydney Motor Show earlier this month) is set to hit Caddy showrooms late next year, effectively replacing the Monaro as GM's only RWD coupe in Australia.


There's no word yet on whether the hi-po CTS-V or the more practical CTS Sport Wagon will find their way across the Pacific, however here are some US-market Caddys that we Australians can definitely do without: the front-wheel-drive DTS limo, the SRX crossover and that most-bloated of SUVS, the Escalade. Given Jeremy Clarkson's distate for the XLR Roadster, we can safely say that we don't want that one either. In fact, just give us the CTS, Caddy. As many as you can spare.

Pricing for the CTS sedan should be announced soon, so stay tuned folks.

PS. If you're wondering who the lady in the photo is, it's Laura Csortan - a 'lifestyle journalist' from the Nine Network who's apparently Cadillac's new "Brand Ambassador" for Australia. Whatever. Who needs a Brand Ambassador when you've got products that look as 'bad-arse' as this?


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