Mitsubishi EVO X Signed Up By Victoria Police

Tim O'Brien | Oct 17, 2008

Coming soon to Victorian highways – nestled among the bushes, packin’ a radar gun, two pair of mirror shades, a ball-point pen and a sheaf of unfilled speeding tickets – is this brand spanking new Evo X. It was recently snapped in bristling highway-patrol livery at VicPol’s Brunswick Street headquarters. (One of TMR’s dedicated team was being frog-marched through at the time... “Officer... you got da wrong guy...”)

This one, according to sources within ‘traffic branch’, has Mitsubishi’s Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission (TC-SST) and “makes the speed of a Subaru WRX look like a six cylinder VB Commodore. Besides being a full-on rally car with all wheel drive, it has the paddle shift on the steering column” – so sayeth the source.


It’s a trend that’s catching on. As TMR has previously reported, U.K. Police Ponder Evo X Interceptor, UK Police have been assessing the Evo X for highway duties there. Victoria Police has gone one better and given the all-paw rocket a cap and a badge and signed it up.

So be warned – it’s new ball game out there. Victoria Police now have a new weapon in the fight against all you Yaris drivers bending the speed of light (and the space time continuum).


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  • DXPetti says,
    7 years ago
    Awesome source, comparing a WRX against a EVO. Be a bit of a waste using a EVO for giving out tickets
  • Adam says,
    7 years ago
    Good time to be a cop in Victoria then, thrash-around lancer Evo's at taxpayers expense, while it takes us average Aussies ages to save-up, get slugged with "luxury tax" this tax that tax, criminally priced fuel (with double tax for your pleasure) ok ok a bit of a whinge! But seriously not fair, and a bit of overkill to chase down commodores bleh
  • Charlie says,
    7 years ago
    Hopefully they don't treat these Evos like the WRXs the NSW police used to have, and blow the motors by not letting them cool down after a hard thrash.
    • trevor says,
      7 years ago
      thats why u have turbo timers fool
  • Pj says,
    7 years ago
    This is nothing more than a show piece.

    Vic pol uses Monash to approve vehicles for use and each vehicle is then graded. they wont approve anything but an auto v8 for highway use and their use of grading systems would most likely see this graded as bronze. which would mean interception duties are clearly out of the way.

    Also, this car has not been fitted out with the leap system(cop computer), g eagle 2 equipment (moving mode radar), smr (radio) or falcon 3 and bucket..

    My 2c...
  • CQ says,
    7 years ago
    Adam - This car is being donated by Mitsubushi for Vic Police to use for a defined period, but you are right, it is a great time to be in the TMU!

    PJ- 1. V8 Auto is not mandatory for approval.
    2. Vic uses some Manual Hwy Cars.
    3. We also use 6cyl Hwy Cars - (ie XR-6 Turbo)
    4. Not every TMU car has an SMR radio fitted
    5. Speed or do anything silly with this car around and you WILL be intercepted!!
  • Masteraal says,
    7 years ago
    Whats with the Yaris comment? I'm intrigued
  • Myke says,
    6 years ago
    Just bought one with SST!
    I think the guy who took me on a test drive should be arrested!

    Very Very quick watch out bad guys!

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