Steane Klose | Oct 16, 2008

Aston Martin's One-77 Supercar is such a hot item that, according to Aston, no less than 100 buyers have already signed up to buy the limited edition Supercar.

While that might be great news for Aston Martin, it's not so great for people who were interested in seeing the car before dropping a cool £200,000 deposit. There's also no word on how the highly limited run of 77 cars will be divided amongst the interested parties.

Despite its £1,000,000 sticker price, the 520kW Supercar is likely to represent solid investment value for buyers (although there may be a few less investment bankers lining up). Given the car's exclusivity, and enormous performance potential, buyers can likely expect the One-77 to increase in value (something of a rarity but not unprecedented for these stratospheric 'instant classics').

While Aston figures out just who will have the privilege of owning the One-77, we'd just love the see it with the wraps off. Then, those of us with more humble pay packets, well, at least we'll know what we're missing out on.

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